Public Tour : tips only

What ?

On this free Montmartre walking tour, you will walking tour of Montmartre

The "I love you" wall, an unusual church, walks through forgotten places with e.g. old style street lighting,film locations,a beautiful view of Paris, A spot where Picasso and van Gogh where often seen, the last leftover windmills, the last vinyard in Paris, a dead-end street with beautiful Anglo-Normandic houses, special spots immortalized by famous painters, a haven of peace behind the Basilic "Sacre Coeur"unknown to tourists,and more...
Come with the Family, as a couple or group !

Let's enjoy the romance of Montmartre. We end behind the Sacre Coeur !

Who is your amazing tour guide ?

visite Montmartre Robert Robert,born in Holland, was a museum and walking tour guide in Miami Beach's Art deco district.
He now lives for many years in Montmartre a very special part of PARIS.where he is a very knowledgeable and passionate walking tour guide.
Not only will he talk about the history of Montmartre, or the famous painters who practised there, but also about where to eat and even where to live and the prices of real state.

For two hours long, Robert will walk with you though Montmartre with humor and anecdotes. You won't forget your walk with him !

When and where ?

Our Montmartre English tours are held on Friday and Saturday mornings at 10.30 am from April 4 to Oct. 31

We'll meet up near the PIGALLE metro exit (lines 2 and 12), near the kiosk, opposite the Monop' (not Monoprix).

This tour ends near Sacre coeur, 5 minutes away from Anvers metro station.

Groups of 10 and more please book for a private tour.

How to book ?

Simply send an Email to and mention "participation free walking tour" + date".
Tell us your name, and your favorite friday.


This is a free walking tour of Montmartre, in which you pay the guide what you want at the end of your tour.

For your information

Average tip on this tour: €15
Average time: 2 hours

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